Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine addresses the cellular or energetic level,

long before deeper damage takes place, and is truly preventive.

Orthodox medicine frequently views health as being the absence of disease. Energy Medicine feels that disease is a condition precipitated by a toxin filled, nutritionally deficient, and stress dominated system, which will ultimately result in changes in enzyme production and hormone production. This will in turn gradually produce a biochemical change, producing signs and symptoms. Suppressing symptoms and not removing their underlying cause will allow the embers of an illness to smolder quietly, only to erupt with increased intensity at a later date.

Orthodox medicine is based upon the treatment of symptoms, whereas Energy Medicine identifies the source of the symptoms and balances their energetic causes.

Benefits of Energy Medicine

  • More energy and vitality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Look younger and fresher
  • More positive thinking, cheerful and self confident
  • Increased concentration and mental focus
  • Deeper and restful sleep
  • Feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning
  • Less gas and bloating
  • Improved bowel function
  • More efficient exercise workouts
  • More power and speed
  • Slow the aging process

Modern physics has determined that matter and energy are interrelated, and that matter is a denser form of energy. Vital to the understanding of futuristic medical therapies is the view of the physical body as an energy system, composed of wave forms or oscillations at various frequencies. Consequently, imbalance and disease of the physical body is a result of disturbances in the energy field of a particular organ or system. Illness develops in a definite sequence. Initially there is dysfunction at an energetic or cellular level, an event detectable by Energy Medicine. This is followed by abnormalities on a biochemical level, detectable by blood testing. Ultimately, alterations in the tissues and organs will appear, either as x-ray abnormalities or through cytological testing (biopsies).