Frequently Asked Questions

If I still have formulas from month one left over by the time I reach month two, can I continue taking my month one formulas with my month two formulas?

  • Yes! Please continue to take all of the formulas until the bottles are empty.

Can I take all of my formulas at once or should I stagger them throughout the day?

  • You can take all of the formulas at the same time. For example, take 10 drops of one formula, hold it under your tongue for 20 seconds, swallow it, and then do the same for each of the following formulas until you have completed all or the recommended formulas for that specific month. Be sure to take all of your formulas three times a day!

I am currently taking other medication both pharmaceutical and herbal medications, can I still take these formulas will there be any side affects?

  • Homeopathy is completely safe and does not interact with medications. However, if you have any concerns please feel free to call us at 1-800-392-2623 and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I am currently taking BioIdentical hormones I received from another doctor. Is it still safe to take the homeopathic hormone formulas?

  • Yes! By taking Dr. Galitzer’s homeopathic hormone formulas you will begin to increase the effectiveness of the BioIdentical hormones. The homeopathic hormones help the assimilation of the BioIdentical hormones, as the two compliment one another.