How to Take Therapeutic Formulas
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How to Take Therapeutic Formulas

The dose is usually ten drops three times daily. Ten drops is approximately one third of a dropper. The ideal time to take the formulas is on an empty stomach, five to ten minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Keep the formulas under your tongue for twenty seconds before swallowing so that they can be absorbed from the small blood vessels in your mouth.

Some of the formulas are herbal and some are homeopathic (more dilute). The homeopathic formulas can be affected by mints and coffee, so if you must use these substances, keep them thirty minutes away from the formulas.

Keep the formulas out of direct sunlight, heated parked cars, and away from microwave ovens and computers. When taking plane trips it is best to pack them in your checked baggage as you go through security. Due to recent security restrictions, no liquids are allowed to be carried aboard planes.

Detoxification symptoms develop in only two percent of patients during the first few days after starting the formulas. They may include increased fatigue, irritability, headache, nausea, skin rash, nasal congestion. They will subside and disappear shortly. Please drink six to eight glasses of water per day to enhance the drainage of toxins out of your body.

Bring your formulas with you to your follow-up visits, and don’t take any formulas on the day of the visit.

Please endeavor to stop using the following words: I’m broke; stressed; depressed; too old; I have chronic fatigue. Instead, try to incorporate these emotions: Tolerance, Forgiveness, Compassion, Joy, Faith, Hope, Confidence Courage, Will and Love.

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