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Imagine this Exciting Vision of a Healthier You

The wisdom and insight that comes with age. The vibrant energy and physical vitality you enjoyed when you were young. The freedom to still do the things you love.

It’s the best of all worlds and this vision really can be your everyday reality!

Don’t wait until tomorrow, or next week…or never.

Now is the perfect time to discover how to…

The Rest of Your Life Should be the BEST of Your Life

Outstanding Health shows you exactly how to make it happen!

They’re common feelings expressed by many people moving into their 40’s 50’s and 60’s.

“I just don’t have the energy I used to have.”
“I don’t have the strength or flexibility to do the things I loved doing in my 20’s and 30’s.”

Conditions that further inhibit healthy living and compound these feelings include:

“The Six Essential Keys” to incredible, vibrant health

Outstanding Health soars far beyond general healthcare theory and gives you a wonderful set of guidelines for promoting stress relief, and creating a joyful life filled with gratitude and great health.

It explains in exact detail an abundance of fresh new strategies you can implement to recapture your drive and vigor, and experience an amazing personal transformation through Energy Medicine.

Dr. Galitzer gives these strategies depth and texture by building the core of Outstanding Health around his Six Essential Keys.


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For more than 25 years, stars like Suzanne Somers and Vanessa Williams, as well as the “movers and shakers” in the business and entertainment industry, and other doctors, have sought out Dr. Michael Galitzer because of his revolutionary approach to health that consistently helps his patients look and feel much younger than they actually are.

The reason his program is so effective is because of its unique combination of conventional and complementary medicine–and in particular, its focus on Energy Medicine, which addresses health at the cellular and energetic level. Now, in Outstanding Health, Dr. Galitzer is sharing his wisdom with the world so that you, too, can achieve the same benefits as his patients.