The Younger You® – Sleep Well



These formulas promote healthful sleep. Please view the video to the right for additional information.


Benefits for 100% Natural Product

Natural Formulas and Supplements Researched and Developed by Michael Galitzer, M.D. and Manufactured by Apex Energetics.

Apex Energetics continues to be a respected evolutionary force in the homeopathic and nutritional fields. Our dynamic approach transforms professional clinical experience and expertise into cutting-edge medical and healthcare products and educational services.

These formulas promote healthful sleep. They are to be taken right before sleep, and can be repeated if awakened in the middle of the night. Restful sleep is essential to maintaining optimal health.

The Younger You® – Sleep Well
Includes (1 oz.) bottles of each:1. Restore Rhythms – Supports the pineal gland in secreting melatonin
2. Sleep Well – enhances sleep by reducing irritability

How to Take Therapeutic Formulas

The dose is usually ten drops three times daily. Ten drops is approximately one third of a dropper. The ideal time to take the formulas is on an empty stomach, five to ten minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Keep the formulas under your tongue for twenty seconds before swallowing so that they can be absorbed from the small blood vessels in your mouth.

Some of the formulas are herbal and some are homeopathic (more dilute). The homeopathic formulas can be affected by mints and coffee, so if you must use these substances, keep them thirty minutes away from the formulas.

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