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“Health is Energy. All your health complaints involve either decreased energy production, or disturbances in the flow of energy in your body. That is why Energy Medicine is truly the Medicine of the Future..”


Dr. Galitzer has been a tremendous force in making a smooth transition into my middle years as a woman. His technique, supplements and guidance have helped to steer me clear of the unknown symptoms of going through menopause. His methods not only work for me, but also for my adolescent child, and for aging men. Be open to new technology and lend an ear to a refreshing approach to health.

Vanessa Williams, Actress and singer


Dr. Michael Galitzer shows you how to turn back the clock for increased energy, improved sex drive, renewed vigor and stamina, and an enviable body at any decade. You’ll learn simple, effective strategies to never settle for anything less than your leanest, healthiest, most fabulous self.

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, bestselling author of The Virgin Diet


Consciousness is changing and Dr. Galitzer is the pied piper of this change. This book should be a reference book for everyone looking to become educated in finding a heathier, richer, fuller life. I want to dance my way to 120, feeling as energetic as possible. How about you?

Linda Gray, Actress

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It’s no secret why people from six continents seek out Dr. Galitzer as their doctor. The work he does is truly cutting-edge and transformational, resulting not only in better health, but also greater energy, restored youthfulness, and a renewed passion for life.

Tony Robbins, Bestselling author

Dr. Galitzer is the best kind of doctor, cutting edge and thoughtful. He has kept me well for over a decade. I lead an active and stressful life, traveling constantly for work, which wears down the body. He keeps my insides healthy, which manifests on the outside, making me look young and feel young.

Suzanne Somers, Actress and bestselling author


Five minutes after being treated by Dr. Galitzer I knew I was in the right place. At that point I couldn’t even walk around the block. After my first visit, I felt a huge difference, and within a week I was running! He saved my life. Since then he keeps me healthy and totally energized. I adore you, Dr. Galitzer. I’d be lost without you!

Cornelia Guest, Socialite, author, businesswoman, and philanthropist


Dr. Galitzer is an outstanding physician with an approach that goes far beyond the typical scope of anti-aging medicine, detoxification and hormone replacement. His Energy Medicine addresses the deepest level of disease and is as preventative as it is curative. This is the medicine of the future and Dr. Galitzer is one of its pioneering experts.

Hans Gruenn, M.D., Anti-Aging Physician, Longevity Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA


As an elected official and the father of two teenagers ,  I recognize the importance of being energetic and  maintaining good health. Thanks to my friend and physician, Dr. Michael Galitzer, I have all of that and more. Read Outstanding Health and try out his recommendations. You will be glad you did.

Michael D. Antonovich, the most senior serving member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


Dr. Michael Galitzer uses homeopathic and naturopathic medicines in conjunction with bioidentical hormone replacement. There’s no better specialist in this area in the world, and he’s given many women a new lease on life.

Melanie Simon, cofounder, Circ-Cell Skin Care

Client Testimonials


Dr. Galitzer has been my physician since 1990, and I have been in excellent health ever since then. I look about 10 years younger than just about all of my friends. In addition to having mastery of alternative and anti-aging medicine, he is a very caring and empathic human being. I am truly grateful that I have Dr. Galitzer in my life.

Dave Davis, M.D., Psychiatrist, Orange County, CA


I’ve known  Dr. Michael Galitzer and Larry Trivieri Jr for many years. Their knowledge, passion and commitment to helping others is exemplary. Their book Outstanding Health is exactly that–an outstanding book about what you must do to stay healthy in today’s toxic world. I highly recommend it.

Burton Goldberg, the Voice of Alternative Medicine and creator of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide